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Saturday 25 January 2020

The International Womens Day was celebrated on 16 March with a conference dedicated to the famous figure from the 14th century Eleonora D’Arborea, (1340 – 1404).  Born in Oristano she was the giudicessa ("judge") of Arborea from 1383 to her death. She was a most powerful and significant Sardinian judge; as well as the island's most renowned heroine.  Eleonora D’Arborea was responsible for the Carta de Logu, a body of laws which came into force in April 1395. They were considered to be far in advance of the laws of other countries, the penalty for most crimes being a fine, and the property rights of women being preserved.  These laws remained in force in Sardinia until the Italian unification of 1861.
The conference was held at the Tavernetta Function Centre and presided by Professor Pupa Tarantini, an expert in the field of Italian literature and medieval history.  She was accompanied by and ably assisted by a journalist Carmina Conte from the television station Videolina in Sardinia.  A film of the conferences held in Australia was transmitted regularly on Videolina during April 2008 and a DVD is presently being produced for distribution.

We were pleased to present Maria Giovanna Cherchi at the Tavernetta Function Centre on 13 April.  Maria Giovanna performed in front of about 100 people with her excellent “live entertainment” style during which she successfully gets many of the public involved with her on stage.  During her performance which lasted about an hour and a half she was accompanied by Tore Nieddu another talented musician and artist.  She sang many of the traditional Sardinian songs including some made famous by her such as “Mediterranea” and “Unu Frore che a Tie” which she made famous as the signature tune on the TV program Sardegna Canta.

During the 25th to 27th April the President accompanied by two youth representatives participated at the International Conference on Immigration “I Sardi nel Mondo” held in Cagliari, Sardinia.  About 450 delegates from clubs around the world took part in sometimes heated debate ranging from problems confronting Sardinian migrant’s world wide to the current state of ever decreasing conditions in Sardinia today.

On 27th July our Association introduced Vincenzo Ganadu to the Sardinian and Australian community.  Vincenzo, a renouned Sardinian sculptor, painter and muralist exhibited some of his works during the day to a group of over 100 people.  He took the opportunity to personally talk to participants and describe his works.  Vincenzo’s works are displayed in various European galleries, in the United States and in South America.
Vincenzo’s works can be seen on his website: www.ganaducreations.it