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48b Ainsdale Street
Q 4032

Associazione Sarda
Del Queensland Inc
PO Box 2252
Q 4032

Phone 07 3861 4401


Wednesday 26 February 2020
  • To contact and bring together all Sardinians who live in the city and the surrounding district in order to strengthen the ties of solidarity between Sardinians;
  • Facilitate meetings and events with other communities, whether these be Italian regional groups or those of other nationalities, in order to promote stronger ties to a common Italian heritage with other regional groups and promote encounters with communities of other nationalities;
  • To organise Sardinian cultural, recreational and folkloric events as well as good works, drawing on the Sardinian culture;
  • To establish, conduct and carry on any sports tournaments or amusements or to co-operate with any company or companies or clubs person or body or bodies of persons or individuals in establishing, conducting and carrying on the same.
  • To promote together all those forms of social and moral assistance related to migration, such as:
  • children's holiday camps,
  • holidays for youth and adolescents,
  • group travel to Sardinia,
  • club activities,
  • activities aiming to provide information on events in Sardinia,including the use of the periodical "Il Messaggero Sardo";
  • To liaise with the Italian authorities abroad and the authorities of Australia and with the Sardinian Regional authorities, in order to maintain a knowledge of policies affecting migrants and especially to take advantage of regional policies which favour Sardinian migrants and their families;
  • Examine the ethnic and social aspects of Australia with a view to promoting gradual integration and preservation of the peaceful co-existence that is necessary for mutual respect;

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